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KCU is not what you think! This is not your typical dating site lamenting being single. It's a great opportunity to connect with godly singles, improve relationships and just have fun!

Meet KCU Founder Dana Tyler

What is KCU?


KCU is short for Kingdom Courting University. No, it's not real college! But, we figured if you have to take classes to get a driver's license, shouldn't there be something to prepare you for a marriage license? Marriage is one of the most important decisions you will make. Shouldn't you do everything you can to prepare for it?

The KCU Experience


KCU is about building people and building healthy relationships.  Dana has mastered the art of creating the perfect environment for friendships to develop and thrive organically. It is the best blend of spirituality, practical relational teaching and pure fun! There are Workshops and Retreats held throughout the year. The workshops include practical training to improve communication, conflict resolution and money management  skills. At the retreats, you will enjoy intimate teaching sessions with our guest speakers which we call fireside chats; shopping; massage; beach, lake and city excursions  which may include  zip-line, sailing, tours & more. Registration includes meals and lodging for all three-days of the retreat.


KCU...It all started with a book!

Here’s the story… A few years ago, Dana inherited the singles ministry after her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. She had no clue what singles ministry should look like or that singles even needed a ministry! She started organizing fun events: beach trips, barbecues, weekend getaways, museum excursions and even opportunities to serve the community. In the course of gathering to just have fun,  she ended up having some very real conversations with the participants and realized there was more to battle as a single person than she thought. She discovered that Christian singles needed a little more guidance when it came to godly dating, developing and maintaining various relationships and having realistic expectations of marriage. The stigma attached to being single had some people she encountered pursuing negative relationships at any cost while others were wounded by rejection and suffered depression. 

She wanted to put that myth “you’re nobody until somebody loves you” to rest, so she wrote a book called Kingdom Courting. In it she examines God’s purposes for marriage, the difference between dating and courting, what it really means to be equally yoked and so much more. From the book, she developed a teaching series called Kingdom Courting University. In addition to workshops that address the practical areas of relationships we tend to overlook in our quest for love, KCU has evolved to include a beach retreat and mountain retreat full of fun, adventure and some much needed restoration and relaxation. For more information about  Dana click here

We're all searching for our happily ever after

Perfecting Love

In our quest for love we sometimes fail to recognize the first person we need to fall in love with is Jesus. Part of the purpose of Kingdom Courting University is reuniting you with your first love: God. He is the One who completes us emotionally and enables us to truly love one another.

Discovering You

 Kingdom Courting University is less about helping you find the right spouse and more about helping you become the right spouse. We help you examine how you give and receive love, your personality compatibility, and true relationship goals. In essence, we help you discover who you  are and what you truly desire in a relationship.

Building Relationship

Getting married is easy. Staying married is a challenge. We want to equip you with the skills to building and maintaining successful relationships. In addition to helping you discover your language of love and prepare financially for marriage, we help improve communication and develop conflict resolution skills.


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KCU Retreats

Come Expecting Fun

 The KCU Destination Retreats are the perfect weekend get-away for singles looking to make new friends and build better relationships.  Dana has mastered the art of creating the perfect environment for friendships to develop and thrive organically. It is the best blend of spirituality, practical relational teaching and pure fun! This is not your typical singles conference with a jam packed schedule of the same thing you've heard before. Each of our speakers has a unique, fresh, practical perspective for building and sustaining successful relationships. You will enjoy intimate teaching sessions with our guest speakers which we call "fireside chats"; there is impromptu prayer, praise and worship, shopping and more.  $295 Registration includes lodging and meals for your entire stay as well as complimentary massage upon arrival. Excursions may include tours, zip-lining, boating, kayaking, parasailing and jet-skiing at an additional cost. Choose your location/dates and register today!  REGISTER NOW

*$695 registration for Rome, ITALY includes lodges and meals for 5 days. Airfare not included.

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For San Francisco fly into San Jose International Airport

For Las Vegas fly into McCarran AIrport 

For Huntington Beach fly into John Wayne, LAX or Ontario Intl Airport

For Blue Ridge fly into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

For Rome fly into Fiumicino ( Leonardo Da Vinci Airport) OR Ciampino Airport

Day Sessions

Can't stay overnight? No problem! Attend the day sessions for $50. You'll enjoy fireside chats with our speakers and daily excursions. Cost of excursions paid separately. 

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